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Update by user Dec 19, 2015

I WOULD do business with Jentzinvestments. The site will not let me change the title of the review.

Update by user Dec 19, 2015

Update: 12/17/15:

After living in the home for a year and getting to know the neighbors, we discovered the previous tenants were not honest or nice people. They told us the home we live in now was known as the "*** house." On more than one occasion the police were present to intervene.

SO the comments I made about Troy Jensen are not valid.

He did the best he could and I now know no matter what Troy would have done it would not have changed the circumstances.

I ask, hope and pray you will all give Troy Jensen a chance to sell or help you purchase your home, or any property you may have. He is a good honest man and will work hard for you.

Original review posted by user Jan 11, 2015

We purchased a home with a broker DBA jentinvestments, Troy Jensen.

In the final walk through we were suppose to verify all addendum items, rather the realtor was supposed to make sure they were as the contract was written. Instead the realto was in his own words threatened by the seller and basically was in the corner nursing his ego.

In the addendum we were suppose to have a wood stove included in the contrct. We trusted the broker that what he put in the addendum and the contract were correct and in order. Well the seller took advantage of the broker not paying attention to the contract language. The broker Troy Jensen DAB JentInvestments, neglected to check the box for the wood stove.

Instead he checked fireplace insert thinking this was correct. The seller it turns out after discussing with a lawyer was in his right since the broker Troy Jenesen did not do his job and verify in the final wlak through and the contract language. The seller ended up giving the stove (so were told) to a veteran and oved out of town. When we asked the broker Troy Jensen and his company to look into it.

they said that we should seek legal counsel and it was basically up to us. This broker was compensated $7000.00 for this transaction and when we suggested he owed us a wood stove he ignored the request and gave us a voucher for steak dinner and said thanks for your business and now will not return our calls. We confronted via email the broker and his company to no avail. Truth be told the wood stove was probably not worth more than 300.00 as it was used.

however to replace it with a simailar model today will cost us $1500.00. All we want is for the broker to either pay for the $1500.00 or purchase a wood stove replacement since it was his incompetence in the contract that caused this error.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. PO stated that there is a room for improvement of aggravated the seller and caused negotiations to falter. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "broker mis conduct" of broker and associated monetary loss in the amount of $1500. Jentz Investments needs to "all we would like is for the broker to compensate us for the loss, which today will cost us $1500.00 to have a new wood stove and installation completed to code" according to poster's claims.

Other people also mentioned broker in their reviews. You may find this information helpful for further shopping at Jentz Investments.

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